About Us

Olive oil making for Destiny Olives has been a family tradition that dates back to the early 1900's in a small village in Sicily Italy. It was not untill Vincenzo Sinagra migrated from Sicily in 1923 to Western Australia, that he brought with him the secret of Italy's rich and aromatic oil.

In 1946 he purchased 279 acres of land in Wanneroo,  which was later named after him "Sinagra" . There he built a home for his wife and family, surrounded by hundreds of olive trees and grape vines that he planted.

Approximately 10 years later he purchased a traditional style olive press from Italy so that he could taste the first olive oil from his land.Daughter Rosie continued the family tradition in 1960 when she married Carmelo Ioppolo and purchased a portion of the family holdings. There they planted more olive trees and vines and built their family home, where they raised their children.

The olive oil tradition continued when son Carlo Ioppolo imported the first continuous olive processing plant in Western Australia from Italy in 1998. This enabled them to keep up with the growing demand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and also enabled them to offer a service to other growers wanting to press their olives. In 2009 Destiny Olives was successfully launched and by 2010 Destiny Olives had relocated to Western Australia's South West in a town called Boyanup.The move to a cooler climate along with modern processing equipement has yet again improved oil quality and taste.

The family's goals have always been to make a natural premium product by combining modern day practices with generations of experience. The result of this has been a Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with love and pride that will either compliment or enhance the flavour of your next meal.